Chelsea Middle students help school destroyed by hurricane

Published 3:13 pm Wednesday, October 24, 2018


CHELSEA – The Chelsea Cares group at Chelsea Middle School raised more than $1,500 on Friday, Oct. 19, to provide disaster relief after Hurricane Michael destroyed Jinks Middle School in Panama City, Florida.

The Chelsea Cares student group decided to raise money for Jinks Middle School after hearing that most of their middle school was destroyed by the hurricane. The students read a newspaper article that described some of the devastation and wanted to reach out to help.

CMS Principal Caroline Obert approved the idea of holding an “Athletic Wear and Hat Day.” By donating $2, the students were allowed to wear athletic clothes and hats to school on Oct. 19.

Several hundred students participated, and many donated much more than $2 to the cause.

An additional motivation to help this school was that that Jinks Middle School shares the same mascot as Chelsea Middle: the Hornets.

“We came up with the slogan ‘Hornets helping Hornets,’ and the kids really caught on to that!” Britt Clements said.