Submission boxes for Lit Mag available

Published 3:34 pm Friday, November 16, 2018

By CONNIE NOLEN / Community Columnist

News reports concerning November’s midterm elections state that experts favor voting with paper ballots read by computerized counters. Their research reveals that paper trails enhance election security while computer scanning of ballots expedites election results.

The PHS Literary Magazine Staff also recognizes the strengths of pairing paper and digital communication. Each year, digital versus paper is a point of evaluation—especially regarding magazine submissions.

Years ago, students found Lit Mag Submission boxes in select classrooms and the library. The only way to submit for publication was to relinquish work into the box with completed submission forms. Although submitting by email has been possible for many years, evolving digital platforms have significantly reduced paper submissions since 2014. The ability to share documents on the system Google drive allows Lit Mag staffers and submitters to maintain shared ownership of works submitted. This sharing achieves the ideal system for necessary editing while allowing creators to maintain control of their work.

Currently, submission boxes are making their annual reappearance at PHS. Although the vast majority of submissions are digital, these boxes remain purposeful.

“Boxes are a signal for students and staff alike that it’s go-time for the magazine,” said senior PHS Lit Mag Staffer Louie Smith.

“Submission boxes are a touchstone for those aspiring to be published. They’re visual reminders that the deadline is approaching,” said fellow senior staffer Kathleen Kelley.

Boxes do serve as physical reminders to submit to the Literary Magazine—and the design of the submission boxes seeks to captivate and intrigue students. With many boxes covered with previous magazines’ pages, students are drawn to these focal points.

“The submission boxes advertise for us,” said senior staffer Anna Carden. “Their vibrant displays of PHS artwork, bright colors and patterns entice students to investigate what they might otherwise ignore.”

Carden elaborates that annually refurbishing the submission boxes orients new staff members establishing a collaborative mindset.

“Prepping submission boxes acclimates the staff while creating teamwork and practicing good design quickly,” said Carden.

Submission forms, with detailed information, are available in submission boxes. Submissions remain open to PHS students through Feb. 14.