Magazine founder talks power of communication

Published 10:48 am Monday, November 19, 2018


COLUMBIANA – Laurie Stroud’s visit to the Novella Club’s meeting in early November was a homecoming of sorts.

Stroud’s mother-in-law, Betty Stroud, was a member of the club and supported Laurie when she started Birmingham Christian Family magazine in 2000.

“She was one of my biggest cheerleaders as far as starting the magazine,” Laurie Stroud said. “The magazine was God’s timing.”

As the mother of three sons who were then ages 1, 1 and 2, Stroud’s motivation for founding The Christian Family Publication Inc. 18 years ago came from her desire to “communicate for Christ” through her career and to share encouraging content with other families.

“I feel like we’re all given opportunities based on where God has placed us to communicate for him,” she said. “Good communication requires good listening. We’re fortunate in our community that there are so many good news stories. It’s rewarding to share those types of stories.”

Two years after starting CFP, Stroud had the opportunity to expand to Mississippi, and then to Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana and Texas, with franchise publications.

Birmingham Christian Family magazine is free distribution in Shelby and Jefferson counties.