Marriages for the week of Jan. 2, 2019

Published 4:11 pm Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The following couples were granted marriage licenses from Dec. 17-21, 2018:

-Ashley Christine Traylor, 21, of Helena, to Daniel Ryan Bitters, 24, of Lewisport, Ky.

-Jean Foster Lowe, 78, of Columbiana, to Donald Wilton Langner, 83, of Shelby.

-Jared Holloman Stockton, 25, of Shelby, to Natalee Brook Garrett, 20, of Shelby.

-Robert Beaumont Rourke, 37, of Sterrett, to Mary Catherine Hughes, 36, of Sterrett.

-Elizabeth Anne Key, 43, of Sterrett, to Kellen Hekman Slager, 34, of Sterret.

-Aprille Renee Hayes, 52, of Shelby, to Diane Leora Lowe, 49, of Shelby.

-Reggie Bernard Ray, 37, of Maplesville, to Adrienne Janelle McMaster, 33, of Maplesville.

-Ashlynn Elizabeth Frith, 28, of Alabaster, to Matthew Jason Ford, 41, of Alabaster.

-Jonathan Scott Fowler, 21, of Montevallo, to Marina Elena Miranda Davis, 22, of Montevallo.

-Michelle Warnick Jebeles, 46, of Columbiana, to Jason Donald Fry, 46, of Columbiana.

-Matthew Lee Morgan, 33, of Calera, to Emily Grace Palmer, 27, of Calera.

-Shandra Tomekia Williams, 39, of Calera, to Samuel Adams, Jr., 54, of Calera.

-Timothy Patrick Piglia, 31, of Pelham, to Hannah Lee Hamby Scott, 28, of Cleveland.

-Kenny Dale Chancellor, 49, of Helena, to Shelley Marie McRee, 44, of Helena.

-John Joseph Getz IV, 46, of Maylene, to Lydia Jean Hambright, 47, of Maylene.

-James William Givhan Frost, 21, of Calera, to Heather Marie Hilyer, 21, of Calera.

-Annie Bailey Yates, 64, of Birmingham, to Philip Barton Crawley, 62, of Shelbyville, Tenn.

-Carlos Rene Gonzalez Benitez, 37, of Alabaster, to Gladys Emelina Andrade Godoy, 26, of Alabaster.

-Morgan Alexis Bullard, 21, of Alabaster, to James Zachary Treadaway, 28, of Calera.

-Charles Edward Ellison Whited, 33, of Alabaster, to Katie Marye Abney, 35, of Alabaster.

-Joseph Bryant Lee Brand, 36, of Birmingham, to Kelly Williams Carlsen, 40, of Birmingham.