Thompson High School honors perfect attendance

Published 11:59 am Tuesday, February 5, 2019

By Nathan Howell / Staff Writer

ALABASTER — Thompson High School students who have maintained perfect attendance since the start of the school year were honored on Jan. 31 in the school’s Warrior Cafe.

At the ceremony, more than 70 students from the school gathered in the cafeteria and were presented with a certificate, ribbon and a gift to celebrate their achievement.

Addressing the room, Principal Wesley Hester addressed the importance of this achievement, “to be on time says a lot about your character, and where you are going in life.”

Hester and other faculty members including administrators Daniel Farris and Jamelia Hayes brought this group of students together not only as celebration, but to solidify just how relevant attendance is to being a professional adult.

“A bigger reward will come later in life, because of this kind of dedication. Think about the future implications of always showing up, even when you don’t feel like it,” Hester said. “These are the students I would be more likely to hire.”

Hester and staff went on to outline how relevant attendance is to academic performance. Noting that showing up to class is almost always directly tied to the grades students receive.

“Maintaining attendance is important because once a day is missed, it can never be made up. The entire day is lost, making it harder to get ahead” he said.

The staff made sure to acknowledge the Thompson High School Parent Teacher Organization for sponsoring the event and for providing the rewards for students.