Call issued for music video participants

Published 12:06 pm Wednesday, February 6, 2019


COLUMBIANA – Anyone who has ever wanted to appear in a music video will have an opportunity on Saturday, Feb. 9, when Wilsonville artist Willie Traywick comes to town.

Actor and film director and producer Kevin Wayne, along with business partners Kurt Deimer and Mike Denard, has issued a call for participants in the filming of Traywick’s second official music video for his song “Southern Skies” on Main Street in Columbiana.

“We want as many people to come out as they can,” Wayne said. “We want people to start arriving around 5 or 5:30 p.m. on Main Street. We’re going to be filming the crowd.”

Wayne said people’s chances of being filmed are best if they wear solid-colored clothing with no visible logos on it.

Traywick is one of several artists, including Bald Man Band and Justify These Scars, under the MAD Music Artist label, the independent music label Wayne manages with Deimer and Denard. Deimer is also an actor, film producer, song producer and music artist under the name Bald Man with the Bald Man Band, and Denard is one of the songwriters with Bald Man.

Kevin Wayne, Kurt Deimer and Mike Denard manage MAD Music Artist Development, the independent music label for artists including Willie Traywick. (Contributed)

MAD recently shot Traywick’s first official video for his single “Chasing White Lines,” and the second song and video will be a continuation of the original storyline, which involves Traywick returning home to a small Southern town, Wayne said, making Columbiana a natural choice for the second video’s setting.

The song will be played multiple times to allow the filming crew to obtain enough footage for the video, he said. Once filming is complete, Traywick will perform a small set for the crowd.

All ages are welcome to attend the video filming and concert, Wayne said.

“The song is really clean,” Wayne said. “It’s strictly about a small town and his (Traywick’s) roots here. Just come out be ready to have a good time.”

Wayne commended Mayor Stancil Handley and city leaders for allowing his crew to block off Main Street during the filming.

He said the music video likely will be released in April.

Traywick’s “Chasing White Lines” single release party and music video premiere will be held March 1 at 8 p.m. at WorkPlay in Birmingham.

Wayne directs all of MAD’s music videos, and song engineer Ben Trexel records the songs.

Wayne and Deimer collaborate on many projects together, and, along with Denard, are also on the cusp of a project to build a filming studio, Film Farm Studio, in Columbiana.

“We’re about two weeks away from purchasing the land,” Wayne said. “It will be the first legit sound stage in the state, and we’ll be shooting our movies there.”

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