Marriages for the week of Feb. 6, 2019

Published 3:45 pm Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The following couples were granted marriage licenses from Jan. 22-25:

-Joseph Adrian Rickert, 42, of Birmingham, to Michelle Lee Kuhn, 47, of Pelham.

-Christopher Michael Condrey, 46, of Maylene, to Amy Nicole Goforth, 33, of Maylene.

-Camber Baylie Mcaren, 69, of Pelham, to Dennis Norman Leutsch, 71, of Pelham.

-Richard Sid Jarrett, Jr., 51, of Birmingham, to Elizabeth G. Fleet, 50, of Helena.

-Bradley Scott Phillips, 25, of Columbiana, to Amberly Dawn Koratich, 26, of Columbiana.

-Christian Levi Kelley, 22, of Calera, to Janice Wydenmon Gentry, 25, of Calera.

-Ricky Lee Adaway, 47, of Columbiana, to Keisha East Northcutt, 37, of Calera.

-Bobby Edward Smith, 59 of Sterrett, to Teresa Fay Hogeland, 54, of Sterrett.

-Cory Alan Wilson, 24, of Calera, to Lindsey Nicole Schmidt, 24, of Calera.

-Patrick Thomas Harris, 28, of Helena, to Jessica Camille Faucett, 27, of Helena.

-Justin Allen Cofer, 30, of Pelham, to Alison Keegan Browning, 26, of Iowa City, Iowa.

-Terry E. Stephenson, 61, of Alabaster, to Alma Edwards Armstrong, 61, of Alabaster.

-Pablo Quintana Hernandez, 35, of Clanton, to Arelys Manjarrez Morales, 38, of Clanton.

-David Frank Wynne, 51, of Birmingham, to Dena Annette Miller, 43, of Birmingham.

-Trenton Andrew Franklin, 29, of Alabaster, to Anna Katherine Parsons, 27, of Alabaster.