Dr. Dax Davis Show provides radio nostalgia

Published 12:03 pm Thursday, February 14, 2019

By Nathan Howell / Staff Writer

ALABASTER – The spirit of the 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s of radio is still alive in Alabaster on the Dr. Dax Davis Radio Show.

“You can go backwards in time on my dime,” said Davis.

His radio show, broadcast on 99.9 WZAL-FM, commonly known as APH Radio, provides three hours of nostalgia for local radio listeners through a combination of classic radio hits and classic radio equipment.

“I love to play around with old radio equipment,” Davis said. “I have a friend, Robert Williams, who is an engineer and we started this show to play music that we liked.”

The men became friends four years prior to starting the show when they came up with the idea to do an “oldies” radio show.

Listening to Dr. Dax is a unique experience because the equipment used to broadcast the show is some of the same equipment that would have been used to originally broadcast the music during its time.

Williams has been working on radio equipment since he was in high school, which gave him the technical knowledge to help Davis restore the old soundboards, monitors, microphones, turntables and other old equipment that the show uses for broadcast.

“All the other kids were playing with trucks and cars, and I was sitting there playing with radio parts,” said Williams.

Through the power of nostalgia Davis has been able to build a special relationship with his listeners by allowing them to send in requests through their Facebook page.

A lady called me and asked me to play a song that her and her husband danced to back in ‘66,” he said.

The Dr. Dax Radio Show broadcasts daily on Alabaster-Pelham-Helena (APH) radio from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.