Students present ‘A Night in Paris’

Published 12:22 pm Monday, March 4, 2019

By SASHA JOHNS / Community Columnist

“Vous etes votre seule limite!” You are your only limitation!

These words, beautifully painted by the Art Club, greeted guests as they waited in line to purchase their tickets for “A Night in Paris,” a fundraiser and showcase of student talents at Shelby County High School in Columbiana.

Art teacher Michelle Bransen and choir director Ashlyn Kuyrkendall, who collaborated with other teachers in the fine arts department, were the masterminds behind this magical evening.

As they entered the show, attendees were treated to a fine arts gallery filled with artwork done by Bransen’s art students.

As part of the fundraiser, guests were able to “purchase” votes for the displayed artwork.

She facilitates a safe place for expression and pricks a place in her students that allows their truth to evolve,” Meredith Horst, mother of senior Calista Smith, said of Bransen’s commitment to her students. “She makes school, and sometimes life, meaningful and good for some of her students, who adore her beyond words.”

Bransen’s students worked for weeks on the decorations that made A Night in Paris possible.

The posters and selfie stations around the event made for a fun and authentic Parisian feel.