Where does Alabama rank for speeding fines?

Published 11:04 am Monday, March 25, 2019

By NEAL WAGNER / Managing Editor

Drivers caught speeding in Alabama face, on average, the least-expensive fines out of any state in the country, according to a study recently completed by the Gocompare.com website.

The website recently researched the cost of driving fines before any added surcharges, and found Alabama was tied for the lowest in the speeding fines category.

According to the website, Alabama has a standard speeding fine of $20 for speeding 13 miles per hour over the limit, which is tied with Oklahoma for the lowest out of any state in the country.

Other states in the top five include New Mexico at $30, Delaware at $33 and Idaho at $33.50.

On the other side of the spectrum, the website listed Nevada as the highest for speeding fines at $1,000 per offense, followed by New York at $300, Mississippi at $300, Alaska at $300 and Arizona at $250 per offense.

For the other states surrounding Alabama, Tennessee had an average fine of $150, Georgia had an average fine of $100 and Florida had an average fine of $226.

Alabama also had among the lowest fines for using a mobile phone while driving, with a $25 fine per offense, making it the fifth-lowest of any state in the nation.

The least expensive state for those caught using a mobile phone while driving was Montana, in which it is not a crime to use a phone while driving, followed by California at $20, Wisconsin at $20 and Missouri at $20.50.

The harshest penalties for using a phone while driving are Alaska, which has a $10,000 fine per offense, Oregon at $1,000, Indiana at $500, Louisiana at $500 and New Jersey at $400, according to the website.

Alabama has standard fine in line with most other states for drivers caught running a red light.

Alabama has an average fine of $100 for running a red light, placing it outside the top-five most expensive and top-five least expensive in the nation.

The most expensive states for those caught running a red light are Nevada at $1,000, New York at $300, Minnesota at $300, Oregon at $265 and Arizona at $250.

The least expensive states for drivers caught running a red light are New Mexico at $10, Wisconsin at $30, Indiana at $35.50, Washington at $48 and Tennessee at $50.

To view the entire list, visit Gocompare.com/car-insurance/harsher-penalties/#/