Marriages for the week of March 27, 2019

Published 1:18 pm Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The following couples were granted marriage licenses from March 11-15:

-Trenton Gregor Lyvers, 21, of Westover, to Chrissy Michelle Hodgens, 23, of Westover.

-Kayla Michelle Taylor, 22, of Montevallo, to Cecil David Lawley, 20, of Montevallo.

-Christoper Ellis Lyle, 26, of Pelham, to Ashley Elizabeth Hudson, 25, of Helena.

-Braxton Stuart Baker, 22, of Alabaster, to Hannah Faith McNeal, 23, of Calera.

-Justin Allan Thurber, 22, of Birmingham, to Kayley Alyssa Acton, 23, of Birmingham.

-Nickolas Paul Johnson, 26, of Birmingham, to Amanda Lynn Lutz, 29, of Birmingham.

-David Allen Scoggins, 35, of Helena, to Ashley Marie Peterson, 25, of Birmingham.

-Naraine Persaud, Jr., 44, of Calera, to Leah Michelle Meadows, 30, of Pelham.

-Katie Giles Carter, 30, of Pelham, to Daniel Wayne Blenis, 35, of Pelham.

-Brandon Lewis Hulsey, 33, of Bessemer, to Jessica Elyse Post, 27, of Birmingham.

-Charles Matthew Nichols, 26, of Birmingham, to Mica Kimberly Driggers, 25, of Birmingham.

-Kurt Alan Carpenter, 70, of Wilsonville, to Ellen Sullivan Tweiten, 75, of Wilsonville.

-Paul Jay Campbell, Jr., 31, of Wilsonville, to Thyra Kathleen Downs, 30, of Wilsonville.

-Leandro Nunes Diniz, 39, of Birmingham, to Cindy Janeth Ramos Lopez, 22, of Birmingham.

-Grant Smithson Davis, 26, of Birmingham, to Chelsi Ganus Davis, 26, of Birmingham.

-Justin Marc Klepin, 32, of Maylene, to Jordan Elizabeth Martin, 29, of Huntsville.

-Griffin Robert Maloney, 25, of Brooklyn, N.Y., to Madison Nicole Scordino, 26, of Brooklyn, N.Y.

-Glader De Jesus Perez Hernandez, 27, of Maylene, to Milca A. Hernandez, 35, of Helena.

-Bryan Anthony McClelland, II, 29, of Birmingham, to Mona Celeste Riemann, 27, of Birmingham.

-Garrett Mitchell Ponder, 24, of Chelsea, to Rachel Lynn Stefkovich, 23, of Chelsea.

-Joshua Airian McDonald, 25, of Leeds, to Lindsey Gail Sides, 24, of Leeds.

-Robert Lee Williams, Jr., 68, of Birmingham, to Trudie Gay Freer, 72, of Birmingham.