Alabaster second-graders honor their heroes

Published 1:05 pm Monday, May 6, 2019

By NEAL WAGNER / Managing Editor

ALABASTER – Everyone from school maintenance technicians to active-duty military personnel were honored by Alabaster’s second graders during a May 2 “Super Citizens” ceremony at the city’s two elementary schools.

During the ceremonies, which marked the students’ completion of the Liberty Learning Foundation’s Super Citizens program, each second-grade class recognized a hero in the community they identified while completing the program over the past several weeks.

“By honoring a hero, you become a hero. So not only are you celebrating some awesome heroes today, you’re becoming heroes yourselves, which I think is pretty cool,” Ashley Woodson with the Liberty Learning Foundation told second-graders at Meadow View Elementary School.

Each hero received a torch pin modeled after the Statue of Liberty’s torch and thunderous applause from the students gathered for the ceremonies.

“Heroes, we hope you’ll wear this as a constant reminder of the impact you have on your community,” Woodson said.

By the time the ceremonies were over, there were few dry eyes in the schools’ cafeterias.

“Kids, the words you said, it really touched their hearts,” said MVES Principal Rachea Simms. “The little things you notice about people, always let them know so they know how special they are. We can’t wait to see what you will go on to do in the future.”

Creek View Elementary and Meadow View Elementary second-grade classes honored the following community heroes during the ceremonies:


-Kathryn Reeves’ and Sarah Black’s classes at MVES honored Asa Davis

-Kathy Owensby’s and Autumn Goggins’ classes at MVES honored Jessica Wright

-Connie Kakoliris’ class at MVES honored Charles Goodwin

-Jenny Thrasher’s, Sarah Fuller’s and Haylee Norrell’s classes at MVES honored Melody Bivens

-Shelly Rush’s, Hollie Connell’s and Stacey Bull’s classes at MVES honored Pam Connell

-Janel Clark’s class at CVES honored coach Laura Hamm

-Misty Grillo’s class at CVES honored officer Joshua White

-Stephanie Cochran’s class at CVES honored Myndie Brown

-Christyn Simmons’ class at CVES honored Tracey Ousley

-Kelley Stanton’s class at CVES honored Sarah Kendrick

-Janet McKay’s class at CVES honored Scott Lucas

-Kate Davis’ class at CVES honored LaTarra Sumerlin

-Jennifer Edmonds’ class at CVES honored Monica Lee

-Alyson Ogles’ class at CVES honored Travis Keizer

-Kathy Oliver’s class at CVES honored Catherine Mohon

-Judi Roberson’s class at CVES honored Butch Roberson