Marriages for the week of May 8, 2019

Published 4:25 pm Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The following couples were granted marriage licenses from April 22-26:

-Korey Paul Barber, 35, of Vincent, to Lisa Marie Seaman, 34, of Vincent.

-Scott Jordan McKnight, 25, of Birmingham, to Scottie Marie Lenning, 25, of Birmingham.

-Kevin Todd Bowers, 50, of Moody, to Delana Kilpatrick Baker, 46, of Moody.

-Austin Jack Ray, 20, of Harpersville, to Baylee Dawn Lowery, 20, of Harpersville.

-James William Davis, 29, of Vincent, to Kendall Marie Williamson, 28, of Sterrett.

-Christopher Brian Hardin, 43, of Centreville, to Amanda Beth Duncan, 38, of Centreville.

-Marshall Eugene Foster, 27, of Pelham, to Catherine Leigh Lydeard, 25, of Pelham.

-Matthew Dean Rizzo, 21, of Columbiana, to Mary Elizabeth King, 19, of Birmingham.

-Joshua Byron Gowan, 36, of Lumberton, TX, to Jessica Jo Schrick, 23, of Lumberton, TX.

-Ashley Paige Hester, 23, of Calera, to Benjamin James Lashley, 28, of Calera.

-James Douglas Shaddix, III, 26, of Birmingham, to Meredith Lee Morrison, 25, of Birmingham.

-Jeremiah Scott Hopson, 22, of Chelsea, to Emily Alyssa Horton, 23, of Chelsea.

-Blakely Lane Mayes, 22, of Pinson, to Marisa Kay Jarrad, 22, of Columbiana.

-Matthew Drennon Lyle, 30, of Pelham, to Brittany Morgan Iannone, 27, of Pelham.

-Simon Joseph Carbone, 26, of Calera, to Amy Rene Walker, 29, of Calera.

-Harry Taylor Daniel, Jr., 53, of Pelham, to Jennie K. Blaising Bachofer, 52, of Pelham.

-Ashley Dale Robertson, 36, of Birmingham, to James Jared Tucker, 35, of Birmingham.

-Carl Jerome Alvarado Mendiola, 32, of Calera, to Whitney Bonita Emery, 30, of Calera.

-Robert Charles Crenshaw, Jr., 31, of Helena, to Lindsi Taylor Kreider, 26, of Helena.

-Thomas Paxton Brittle, 25, of Sterrett, to Julie Christine Moore, 22, of Sterrett.

-Rachel Elizabeth Reynolds, 26, of Pelham, to Alexander Robert Demers, 25, of Pelham.

-Sandra Paige Whitehurst, 21, of Birmingham, to Freddy B. Dillar, 21, of Birmingham.

-Ashli Nicole Bates, 24, of Birmingham, to Jesse Michael McMinn, 26, of Birmingham.

-Brett Thomas Wallace, 40, of Birmingham, to Jesica Elise Moore, 34, of Birmingham.

-Trent Joseph Kaylor, 32, of Saint Cloud, FL, to Jessica Lin Brewer, 31, of Saint Cloud, FL.

-Zachary Ross Allen, 19, of Montevallo, to Meredith Paige Goggins, 21, of Montevallo.

-Stephen Franklin Lee, 38, of Wilsonville, to Meredith Ann Showacre, 34, of Wilsonville.