Viper Imaging celebrates 5-year anniversary

Published 10:14 pm Monday, June 3, 2019


HOOVER – Early in 2014, co-owners Andy Beck and Rich Shannon set out with a lofty vision of becoming the industry’s leading specialists in the design and integration of thermal imaging systems.

Beck, a Birmingham native and graduate of Samford University, and Shannon both possessed a wealth of knowledge in thermal imaging systems and industrial process monitoring from previous careers. Both experts in infrared temperature measurement, they saw a need to receive data from these thermal cameras much more quickly.

“We took the experiences we had at other companies, and we decided to create a business that was focused on customer and industry needs that were not being served,” Shannon said. “Our work takes us all over the world, and we enjoy seeing how the relationships we have with our customers and partners are changing the face of hot spot and gas leak detection in a profound way.”

Fast forward to today, where a strong focus on sales, service and the integration of thermal  imaging cameras happens every day for their customers on a global scale. Viper Imaging has become a leading supplier of FLIR-based thermal imaging systems and industrial process monitoring equipment in a short period of time.

While Beck, Shannon, and their team of nine employees remain humble and focused working on continuous improvements, the industry has showered them with accolades that confirm their vision is precisely what their customers need.

They have been recognized by CIO Applications Magazine as one of the Top 10 Machine Vision & Imaging Technology Solution Providers. They have been awarded the status of Premier Partner by FLIR, a company that brings innovative sensing solutions through their thermal imaging, measurement and diagnostics systems.

Both Beck and Shannon emphasize that the thing that sets Viper Imaging apart is that they strive to better understand industry needs and to produce superior customer applications that address these needs in four primary industrial areas: metals; oil and gas; energy production and distribution; and industrial automation. They’ve worked tirelessly to make their organization uniquely skilled in creating custom applications for extreme (and often severe) industrial environments.

“We wanted to create solutions that are focused on specific industrial applications,” Beck said. “We work with the customer to understand their application process and environment. Bringing products and systems to customers that meet their needs is instrumental to our success as an organization.”

And they are clearly accomplishing their mission, earning a portfolio of loyal clients such as BP, Delta Airlines, International Paper, Nucor, and many others.

Viper learned over time that while their customers needed equipment, they also needed help with ongoing reliability and process auditing services. As a result, Viper offers several types of thermographic inspection services. Their goal with providing these services was to be known to their clients as a trusted partner for developing complete temperature, machine vision, and plant security systems and solutions. This full-service approach has been the hallmark of Viper’s success.

“Sometimes, our customers don’t know what they need until they need it,” Shannon said. “From gas leak and hot spot protection to auditing current systems and practices, we pride ourselves on solving problems for our customers, not just selling products and services.”

Today’s industrial environments can’t wait on slow, disengaged vendors with regard to thermal monitoring and problem detection. Customers need a vendor who’s committed to continuous, cutting-edge development of their products and services and who is quick to respond for emergencies your plant, refractory, vessels, flare stacks, or substations encounter.