Council approves $87,000 change order for City Hall renovation project

HOOVER – Renovations to Hoover City Hall will cost about $87,000 more than originally planned.

A change order for the project in the amount of $87,021.03 was approved by the Hoover City Council at its meeting on Monday, June 3, bringing the total price of renovations to almost $2.9 million.

The original bid for the work was awarded in December 2015 to Duncan & Thompson Construction Services LLC in the amount of $2.6 million. Previous change orders totaled about $202,000.

Items listed in the new change order that led to increased costs included: re-routing standpipe out of an electrical room as directed by the Fire Marshal, compensating the contractor for delays caused by Alabama Power Company when installing a new transformer, modifying security access controls, repairing ceilings damaged under separate contracts and electrical system commissioning among others.