Westover’s Teshua Farms offers goat yoga classes

Published 3:23 pm Monday, June 17, 2019

WESTOVER – Though goat yoga has become popular nationally, local options for this activity have been limited until recently.

Westover’s Teshua Farms in April began offering goat yoga classes—in which baby Nigerian Dwarf goats climb on participants while they perform familiar poses such as tabletop and plank—Managing Partner Mike Betz said.

“The goats are bottle fed at least twice a day. They’re handled every day so they’re really comfortable with people,” Betz said. “The animals are kind of like family members here. They’re rock stars. Each has a name and quirks just like children.”

Public classes are held in a peaceful farm setting on Saturdays, usually in the morning and sometimes during the week.

Visit TeshuaFarms.com to learn more about the public classes or for information about private classes that can be scheduled for everything from an office team-building exercise to a bachelorette party.

No prior yoga knowledge or experience is required—the classes are “80 percent goat and 20 percent yoga,” Betz said—and mats are provided.

Tickets are $25 per person, and participants must sign a liability release.

Several certified instructors facilitate the classes.

“They’re young and they’re fun, and they’re not afraid to work with the goats,” Betz said. “They know what the main goal is.”

There is no age requirement, though 7 is a recommended age for which children can participate more fully, and children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

The goats are all female, about 3 months old and 15 pounds.

Before and after class, visitors are welcome to visit other animals in the farm’s petting zoo, including bunnies, ponies and lambs.

There are restroom facilities on-site, and “goat wear” is available at the farm store.

Teshua Farms is located at 3922 Westover Road in Westover.

Betz said he and his wife, Renee, have about 20 years of experience with team-building, which can be used to facilitate classes made up of co-workers. Other special classes have included a yoga and champagne class, and an advanced class.

“They were doing some really advanced poses, and we were still able to incorporate the goats with it,” Betz said.

The business’ online ticketing program tracks the analytics of participants, and Betz said patrons have come mostly from Shelby County but also locations including Cullman and Montgomery—and inquiries from across the country.