Marriages for the week of June 26, 2019

Published 5:56 pm Friday, August 2, 2019

The following couples were granted marriage licenses from June 10-14:

-Turner Cal Lee Doggett, 24, of Birmingham, and Madison Layton, 24, of Alabaster.

-Jeffrey Paul Browning, 58, of Columbiana, and Brittany Ellen Childers, 31, of Gardendale.

-Shane Derek Komon, 34, of Calera, and Keli Jo Reeves, 43, of Calera.

-Mark Winston Fason, 68, of Shelby, and Tracy Lynn Swann, 43, of Shelby.

-Michael Hudson, Jr., 42, of Birmingham, and Kaneisha Minei McKelvey, 29, of Madison.

-Riley Cade Aloia, 24, of Alabaster, and Alexandra Brooke Thompson, 23, of Helena.

-Charles Patrick Mercier, III, 22, of Columbiana, and Olivia Claire Black, 23, of Wilsonville.

-Eli Bogue Stevens, 27, of Wilsonville, and Kellie Kristine Patterson, 26, of Wilsonville.

-Landon Aaron Donahoo, 23, of Sterrett, and Savannah Kathryn Kolb, 22, of Sterrett.

-Sebastian Alonso Meneses Pilco, 27, of Birmingham, and Caitlin Alain Strother, 22, of Birmingham.

-Leslie Thomas, III, 46, of Birmingham, and Charnetha Gayle Cobb, 35, of Birmingham.

-Jeffrey Scott Jiles, 51, of Chelsea, and Christ Lyn Marlin, 48, of Bessemer.

-Atif FarooQ, 30, of Brooklyn, N.Y., and Kathryn Allison Ingram, 28, of Montevallo.

-Jonathan Michael Corona, 25, of Rome, Ga., and Jamie Leigh Johnson, 23, of Atlanta, Ga.

-Anthony Eugene Higgins, 49, of Maylene, and Amanda McKim Harris, 38, of Alabaster.

-Grayson Bradley Littleton, 21, of Shelby, and Heather Leeann Archer, 20, of Sterrett.

-Reid David McDaniel, 25, of Saint Johns, Fl., and Laurel Lynn Tolbert, 24, of Columbiana.

-Thomas Shan Elmore, 47, of Calera, and Rachel Lynn Houser, 30, of Calera.

-Darron Lefronce House, 51, of Calera, and Ramonica Gray, 46, of Calera.

-John Thomas Bates, Jr., 23, of Philadelphia, Miss., and Jillian Kincaid Sanderson, 23, of Birmingham.

-Daniel Craig Sullivan, 45, of Helena, and Jennifer Annino Kuklinski, 36, of Birmingham.

-Devin Noah Herrin, 24, of Cleveland, and Madisyn Michelle Perry, 25, of Birmingham.

-Connor Lee Sullivan, 22, of Birmingham, and Emily Anne Smith, 23, of Birmingham.