Five questions for Oak Mountain QB Evan Smith

Published 4:35 pm Monday, August 5, 2019

Fifteen-year-old Evan Smith has played football for 10 years and basketball for 11, mostly as point guard. He was a running back in his early years of football, but eventually transitioned to quarterback and wide receiver, with stints as an outside linebacker and safety. He will start as the [mascot]s’ quarterback this season.

What is your mindset going into a new season?

My mindset going into the new season is focus on one game at a time and try to take care of business week in and week out.

What are your pregame rituals?

My pregame rituals are to first read my mom’s notes for encouragement and support, nap, have a little pep talk with coach, and then put in my air pods and focus in.

What are some accomplishments you and your teammates are especially proud of?

Accomplishments my teammates and I are proud of include really getting better over the summer, and taking small steps from where we are to start and maintain a winning tradition.

What are your personal goals for this season?

My personal goal for the season is to first lead my team with faith, and then do better than I did last year.

Who inspires you as a person or as an athlete, and why?

My parents really inspire me as a person and an athlete because they keep my head straight. They tell me what’s right and what’s wrong. They teach me how to handle situations. They teach to put in 110 percent of my effort and time into the sport in which I love. They teach to never fear while playing the sport because I am in God’s hands. And, finally, they teach how to give.