Parents, students and teachers get acquainted during Warrior Day

Published 4:22 pm Tuesday, August 6, 2019

ALABASTER – Alabaster City Schools’ parents, students and teachers had an opportunity to meet and become acquainted ahead of the first day of school during Warrior Day on Tuesday, Aug. 6.

On Warrior Day, parents were invited to visit the schools their children will be attending once school starts back on Aug. 8. They were encouraged to meet their teachers, learn about transportation options and protocols, drop off supplies, tour the school and sign up for after school activities.

Creek View Elementary Principal Charissa Cole said Warrior Day lessens the anxiety parents and students feel in regard to the first day of school.

“It’s really an opportunity to start building good relationships from the very beginning,” she said. “I’m so excited about the new school year, and I look forward to partnering with families and parents this year.”

Cole said there haven’t been any major changes at the school that parents need to be aware of, but the same can’t be said for other schools in the district. The opening of the newly built Thompson High School paved the way for other schools to be moved around within the district.

ACS consolidated Thompson Sixth Grade Center with Thompson Middle School and then moved the middle school into the old THS building. Thompson Intermediate School then moved into the old TMS building. The old Thompson Intermediate School will be renovated to serve as central office space for the school system.

All teachers have moved into their new spaces and are ready to start the new year. TIS principal Brent Byars said about 900 students are currently enrolled at the school. He said moving into a bigger school is a “game changer” for teachers, students and parents.

“We needed space to grow,” he said. “The school itself is a major upgrade. We now have a bigger gym and lunchroom, wider hallways, more parking, a huge playground and a huge field. All parts of the school can be accessed from within the school, which is something we didn’t have at the old school. The old building was limited and here we can do a lot more. We love it. The teachers have talked about how rejuvenated they feel. All of their classrooms have been painted and they’ve been given smart boards with built-in technology.”

James Jones, parent of fifth grader Simone Jones, said he’s looking forward to the new opportunities that will be available to students in the new school. During Warrior Day, he looked into signing his daughter up for the afterschool art program.

“The old school was pretty restrictive,” he said. “Having more space will definitely be better for teachers and students.”

Fifth grade math, science and social studies teacher Hannah Saberse said her classroom is incredible. Saberse is entering her fourth year as a teacher, but it’s her first with ACS.

“My classroom is so much bigger than the classes I’ve had in the past,” she said. The administrators have been so helpful with getting furniture and everything else we need.”

Ali Bulger, fifth grade reading, writing, spelling and language teacher, said her smart board can be used to play games, teach lessons, participate in writing activities, edit papers and it allows for student collaboration. She said she’s so appreciative of the new opportunities at the school.