We are warriors: The Marching Southern Sounds’ field show debuts Aug. 24

Published 4:59 pm Monday, August 19, 2019

ALABASTER – The Marching Southern Sounds have been working hard in the days and weeks leading up to Thompson High School’s first football game to deliver a field show that’s sure to dazzle and entertain.

Thompson High School band director Phillip White said close to 200 band members will take to the field to perform the band’s field show called “We Are Warriors.” The show is meant to inspire students and onlookers to channel their inner warriors in the face of adversity and to instill courage, pride and dignity, White said.

“This was a big undertaking,” he said. “We practiced three times a day for two weeks this summer during our band camp. The kids have put together a product they’re really proud of.”

To head drum major and 12-grader Samantha Stewart, the field show is about people working hard and overcoming obstacles to become warriors.

“Over the summer we were all working hard and building character,” she said. “This performance is the product of that.”

As the band’s leader, Stewart said she’s feeling the pressure leading up to the first game.

“I want to do right by the band,” she said. “I just really want to set a good example on and off the field.”

The show begins with Ray Noble’s song “Cherokee,” moves to the THS alma mater and then to “Warriors” by Imagine Dragons. These themes are woven together with original music by John Fannin.

The show will feature a volcano with smoke rising from the top, flame flags, LED lights, eight totem poles and sound effects.

“The sound effects are amazing,” White said. “It sounds like you’re watching a movie.”

The band will also soon be equipped with some new instruments. Alabaster Board of Education allocated $30,000 to be split between THS and Thompson Middle School for the purchase of new instruments. White said the money will be used to buy new drums for the drumline.

Throughout the season, the theme of the field show will be reinforced in the classroom. White said guest speakers are set to speak to the students about what it means to be a warrior. One notable speaker will be Noah Galloway.

“It is my hope to inspire the students to be warriors and rise up to the challenges of life with courage and pride,” White said. “We will also design a community outreach project to give back to unrecognized warriors in the Alabaster community.”