Shelby Humane vaccinates more than 300 owned pets at clinic

Published 11:38 am Friday, August 23, 2019


COLUMBIANA – Shelby Humane Society helped provide low-cost vaccinations and microchips to approximately 375 pets at a June 29 clinic in Columbiana, which included 323 rabies vaccinations.

This was the third clinic hosted by Shelby Humane this year. Each clinic requires careful planning, dedicated Shelby Humane staff and volunteers, and area veterinarians committed to helping our community. Shelby Humane hosts at least six of these clinics each year for the low-income and underserved communities in Central Alabama.

“We will typically see anywhere from 100-150 clients at these clinics,” said Cindy Roberts, Medical Manager for Shelby Humane. “But at 9:30, we received reports of bumper to bumper traffic coming to our clinic and we knew this one was going to be big.”

The two-hour clinic was scheduled to end at 11 a.m. but everyone stayed until the last family was helped at 2 p.m.

“Lack of veterinary care doesn’t always mean lack of love and compassion for a pet.” said Cassidy Poe, External Relations Manager for Shelby Humane. “Many pet parents just can’t afford basic veterinary care and the large response from this clinic just goes to show how big of a need affordable pet vaccines are in our community. These pet owners waited in line for hours so their pet could receive these life-saving services. It’s really heartwarming to see. ”

Shelby Humane offers Parvo/Distemper & Bordetella Vaccines for $15, Feline Boosters for $7, rabies vaccinations for $10, and microchips for $10. Clinics are supported by Dr. Rhonda Ellison with Calera Animal Hospital.

Shelby Humane will have at least two more clinics before the end of 2019. To view their upcoming clinic schedule visit their website at