Shelby County Chamber now accepting nominations for Diamond Awards

Published 12:00 pm Thursday, September 12, 2019

COLUMBIANA – The Shelby County Chamber is gearing up to host the Diamond Awards program on Thursday, Nov. 7, in Columbiana. Nominations are now being accepted.

The Diamond Awards program was created by the former South Shelby Chamber of Commerce, which came together with the former Greater Shelby County Chamber of Commerce in January 2019 to form The Shelby County Chamber. The Shelby County Chamber is dedicated to carrying on important programs created by each of the former organizations.

The award program is designed to honor organizations and individuals who help make Shelby County the best place to live and do business in the state. One award will be given in each of the three categories: Nonprofit Organization of the Year, Public Servant of the Year and Citizen of the Year.

Nominations are open to the public. The nominee and the person submitting the nomination does not have to be an investor with The Shelby County Chamber. Nominees will be judged on both the quality and quantity of materials used to substantiate the award nomination.

Nominees will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
-How the organization or individual has made a positive difference in the Shelby County or a specific municipality.
-Significant accomplishments achieved by the organization or individual.
-How the organization or individual has improved the county or a specific municipality.

To qualify, the nominated organization or individual should meet any one of the following requirements: operate in Shelby County, work in Shelby County or live in Shelby County.

Nomination packets are available online at, contacting The Shelby County Chamber at 663-4542 or by email at The completed nomination packet, along with any other documentation or materials, must be received by 5 p.m. on Oct. 10 to allow time for judging.

All nominees, and the recipients in each category, will be recognized at the Shelby County Diamond Awards Luncheon on Nov. 7.