King’s Home to celebrate growth of King’s Garden with Evening in the Garden Event

Published 11:58 am Friday, September 20, 2019


CHELSEA – King’s Home is inviting guests to celebrate the growth of King’s Garden on Saturday, Oct. 5.

Since the launch of King’s Garden in 2015 as an educational and horticultural therapeutic component of King’s Home, King’s Garden has grown to serve both King’s Home youth and the surrounding community. King’s Garden provides fresh vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers and eggs, while simultaneously creating opportunities for young people to learn about farming, work ethics and entrepreneurial jobs.

King’s Garden offers one-hour sessions for King’s Home youth multiple times a week. These sessions focus on anything farm/garden related such as: understanding about harvesting seeds, planting, managing, farm-to-table cooking, learning about bees, chickens, cultivating flowers and a variety of other skills.

Important benefits from King’s Garden program are learning valuable lessons about God, relationships, life, and therapeutic moments.

The program’s rapid growth includes 200 laying hens, flower garden, hoop-house for year-round growing season, 100,000 honey bees, 14 raised beds, and 1acre of vegetables and fruits.  King’s Home mission with the garden is to continue growing therapeutic benefits current and future residents.

“The generosity and support of our volunteers and donors enables us to continue providing education on nutrition to at-risk demographics, increase access to nutritious foods for low-income families, create community through relationships and foster a strong work ethic for our kids,” said Lew Burdette, president of King’s Home. “To take a seat at the table is to take a stand for abused youth, women, and moms with kids at King’s Home while empowering future generations with horticultural education and therapeutic opportunities.”

The Growth of King’s Garden Celebration will start at 6 p.m. on Oct. 5 featuring a concert by Acts of Congress. In addition, dinner and desserts will be prepared by Chef Kenneth Moore.

“We love the purpose of King’s Garden and are honored to have the opportunity to play for such a good cause,” said Connie Skellie, band member with Act of Congress. “Because of the King’s Home, hope truly is alive.”

Hailing from the southern hills of Alabama, the organic sound of Act of Congress is consistently voted one of the “must see live acts of Alabama.” AOC has performed throughout the United States and in countries including Thailand, Oman, Palau, Saudi Arabia, Philippines and Bali.

Recently, the band returned from their third tour as U.S. Cultural Ambassadors, led by the U.S. State Department.

Dave Higgs of NPR calls AOC “one of the freshest sounding, exuberant bands in all of the known acoustic universe.”

“We are thrilled that Acts of Congress is honoring King’s Home with a concert to benefit King’s Garden,” Burdette said.

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