Marriages for the week of Oct. 9, 2019

Published 3:46 pm Friday, October 4, 2019

The following couples were granted marriage certificates from Sept. 23-27:

-Zachery Stanley to Elise Nicole Noble.

-Eric Johnson to Samara Lavon Lowe.

-George Mills to Mary Ann Headley.

-Lawrence Day to Linda Redmon Hines.

-Amee Bradley to Jeremiah David Noble.

-Joshua Evans to Katherine Helen Steinert.

-Jay Jarrett to Kylie Nicole Chase.

-Austin Sherman to Stevie Reann Martin.

-Mark Siler to Prevella Howard Dorsey.

-Judson Motes to Loryn James Acker.

-Bailey Benton to Tessa Beth Nielsen.

-Robert Owen to Janna Elizabeth Hyde.

-Jacob Long to Chyna Alise Woods.

-Arthur Trammell to Rebecca Flesher Lackey.

-Thomas Gregory to Alicia Marie Doss.

-Zachary Moore to Ashley Nicholle Massey.

-Jonathan Sims to Linnie Chante Tartarilla.

-Paul Smith to Ivey Kelley Smith.

-Kacey Cooper to Joseph Samuel Swartz.

-Joshua Childress to Katherine Alana Boyd.

-Sheila Pouncey to Jesse Ray Eades.

-Jose Elias to Yashira Nicole Soto Gonzalez.

-Jesse Stokes to Ashley Marie Stephens.

-Austin Hatten to Linley Margie Lanier.

-Casey Hutchinson to Morgan Chas Culver.

-Kyle Lancaster to Taylor Nicole Blackwell.