What grades did 280 area schools receive on education report card?

Published 4:57 pm Friday, October 18, 2019

Schools and school systems in the U.S. 280 area again scored impressively on the Alabama State Department of Education’s annual report card.

The most recent report card was released on Friday, Oct. 18, and was based on data from the 2017-18 academic year.

The Alabama State Report Card is available at ALSDE.edu. Once at the site, click “Alabama State Department of Education Report Card” on the right side of the yellow navigation bar.

The Alabama State Department of Education this year enhanced the functionality of its Alabama State Report Card, which is required annually by the Americans with Disability Act, to include user-friendly access to millions of data points collected by the department through school system portals and various other means of data sharing.

Everything from individual school academic performance and student demographic profiles, to college and career readiness and educator credential/demographics are now readily available – and easily viewable by the public on the ALSDE website.

State Superintendent of Education Eric Mackey said he hopes parents, educators and the public alike will use this technology to learn

more about what is happening inside of Alabama public schools.

“We hope this can be used as a catapult to jumpstart conversations about what is working in

public schools as well as identifying areas that may need support and/or additional resources,”

Mackey said.

Alabama’s statewide score improved to 84 from 80 the previous year.

Hoover City Schools improved its grade to 94 from 90 the previous year.

With 16 schools and 13,965 students, HCS scored 88.5 in academic achievement, 100 in academic growth, 93.8 in graduation rate, 86.3 in college and career readiness, 4.6 chronic absenteeism and 60.3 in progress in English language proficiency.

HCS schools in Shelby County include Berry Middle School (95), Greystone Elementary School (99), Riverchase Elementary School (95) and Spain Park High School (94).

Shelby County Schools improved its grade to 91 from 88 the previous year.

With 29 schools and 20,704 students, SCS scored 77.9 in academic achievement, 95.7 in academic growth, 94.6 in graduation rate, 86.3 in college and career readiness, 9.7 in chronic absenteeism and 53.7 in progress in English language proficiency.

SCS schools in the U.S. 280 area include Chelsea High School (88), Chelsea Middle School (92), Chelsea Park Elementary School (89), Forest Oaks Elementary School (87), Inverness Elementary School (88), Mt Laurel Elementary School (99), Oak Mountain Elementary School (94), Oak Mountain High School (94), Oak Mountain Intermediate School (96), Oak Mountain Middle School (92), Vincent Elementary School (90) and Vincent Middle High School (83).