The Bus Center president addresses recall of 50,000 Thomas Built buses

Published 5:21 pm Thursday, October 31, 2019


PELHAM – The Bus Center family of companies, which includes Transportation South in Pelham, addressed the recent announcement of a recall of 50,000 buses across North America.

President of The Bus Center Family of Companies and Chairman of the Dealer Advisory Council for Thomas Built Buses Bucky Law made the following statement in a release regarding the recall:

“We’ve received many inquiries regarding this recall, most definitely because of the large number of buses,” Law said. “I’ve been in the school bus business for 34 years and have been involved with quite literally hundreds of recalls from several different manufacturers and three different school bus manufacturers. The school bus industry in general is very good about testing product before production and throughout the life of the bus, and when a shortcoming is found, addressing it responsibly. This is no exception. This is not a recall which requires that buses be removed from service. This is a voluntary recall that Thomas self-reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration upon the discovery in the knee area on each side of the seat of insufficient padding in the event of collision. My estimate is that it is less than 4 percent of the entire seat back. While large in scope, it is one of the smaller recalls, in my career, in regards to exposure. There has not been a single report of injury amongst these 50,000 buses. Having said this, it, like any other recall, is one that needs to be taken seriously by our national dealer body and our customers as well in regards to having the repair done expeditiously.”

When asked about the expected timeline for repair, Law responded, “For this type of recall, NHTSA allows two years to have 80 percent of the repairs performed. I cannot speak for all dealers, but for our own companies in Alabama and Tennessee, we are putting together a plan to have repairs completed by the end of next summer, if not sooner. It’s a large recall, but a simple repair. I’m confident that my fellow Thomas dealers have similar goals.”

The Bus Center Family of Companies is comprised of Mid-South Bus Center in Murfreesboro, Tenn., Transportation South in Pelham and The Bus Center in Acworth, Ga.  The companies represent several brands of transportation equipment complimented by full line parts and service facilities.

“Recalls are not unusual in the school bus business as buses stay on the road for many years and our industry recognizes that we have a responsibility to maintain our children’s safety above all else,” Law said. “Considerate of the scope, I’m particularly proud of Thomas for self-reporting this repair, as it illustrates once again that there is no price too high to be placed above the safety of our children.”

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