Arrest reports for the week of Dec. 11, 2019

Published 10:45 pm Thursday, December 5, 2019

The following individuals were arrested and charged by municipal police departments from Nov. 2-Dec. 4:


Nov. 26

-Jeremiah Cristobal Harrell, 19, of Alabaster, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana second degree, firearms license required, fleeing or attempting to elude law enforcement.

-Regan McKenzie Kline, 19, of Maylene, possession of marijuana second degree.

-Andi Zaid-Sanchez Guevara, 25, of Alabaster, alias writ of arrest.

Nov. 27

-Michael Dalton Harris, 18, of Columbiana, failure to display insurance.

-Brandy Christine Strong, 42, of Gulf Shores, under influence of alcohol, giving false name to an officer.

-Anthony Tyrone Lett, 26, of Alabaster, alias writ of arrest.

-Jordan Larue Cohill, 28, of Alabaster, attempt to elude failure to comply with court orders, contempt of court, possession of marijuana second degree.

-Terence Jamar Chambers, 28, of Maylene, public intoxication.

Nov. 28

-Raymundo Hernandez-Mercado, 53, of Vestavia, failure to appear-driving without driver’s license.

-Miranda Lee Riley Nunnelley, 39, of Birmingham, alias writ of arrest (two counts).

-Justin Martin Engle, 47, of Knoxville, Tennessee, DUI-alcohol.

-Eugene Floyd Massey, 56, of Trinity, Alabama, public intoxication.

-Nakia Fowler, 44, of Smyrna, Georgia, possession of marijuana second degree.

Nov. 29

-Tarrance Deundra Baldwin, 22, of Selma, DUI-controlled substance.

-Kallisa Ann Mendenhall, 23, of Tyler, Alabama, alias writ of arrest.

-William Alton Beane, 63, of Fayette, public intoxication.

Nov. 30

-Timothy Ryan Boehm, 39, of Clanton, DUI-controlled substance.

-Tyler Brett Barnett, 19, of Panama City Beach, Florida, DUI-controlled substance.

-Tanodrick Daunte McNeal, 18, of Alabaster, unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle.

-Suwanna Jemekia White, 43, of Valley Grande, Alabama, alias writ of arrest child restraint.

Dec. 1

-Freedom Jerome Beal, 38, of Alabaster, DUI-alcohol, possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia.

-Christian Gage Ridlehoover, 21, of Birmingham, alias writ of arrest-harassment.

Dec. 2

-Justin Taylor Thrash, 24, of Montevallo, investigation hold.

-Donnie Robert Payne, 70, of Montevallo, DUI-alcohol.

-David Michael Baughman, 31, of Helena, alias writ of arrest (two counts).

Dec. 3

-Angela Sue Hayes, 44, Leeds, failure to appear, possession of drug paraphernalia.

-John LaWayne Chrishon, 51, of Birmingham, alias writ of arrest.



Nov. 25

-Brandon Ray Ballenger, 35, of Prattville, failure to appear (two counts).

-Christin Danielle DeMoss, 24, of Center Point, failure to appear.

Nov. 26

-Andi Zaid Sanchez Guevara, 25, of Alabaster, failure to appear.

-Glen Oneal Hopson, 53, of Midfield, failure to appear (two counts).

Nov. 27

-Jason Michael Hills, 44, of Hayden, public intoxication.

-Thomas Mark Lake, 54, of Shelby, failure to appear (two counts).

-Robert Richard Schneck, 36, of Pell City, safe streets ordinance.

-Christopher Wayne Hurst, 28, of Clanton, failure to appear (two counts).

Nov. 28

-Brian Yancy Tarver, 38, of Birmingham, court commitment order.

Nov. 29

-James Michael Shempert, 46, of Deatsville, agency assist.

Nov. 30

-Catalino Jeremias Lopez, 21, of Homewood, DUI-alcohol, open container of alcohol in vehicle, using false identity to obstruct justice.

-Michelle Leigh Allen, 36, of Alabaster, possession of a controlled substance-dangerous drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Dec. 1

-Gregory Michael Torme, 56, of Birmingham, disorderly conduct-disturbing the peace.

-Melanie Dawn Littleton, 27, of Panama City, Florida, failure to appear (three counts).

-Raymond James Delaney, 31, of Montevallo, using false identity to obstruct justice, possession of a controlled substance-methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Dec. 2

-Raven Ann Allen, 24, of Helena, possession of drug paraphernalia.

-Kelsey Leighann Cox, 24, of Fort Payne, agency assist.



Nov. 2

-Lavern Goodman, 42, domestic violence-harassment.

Nov. 5

-Amy Nichole Horton, 41, trespassing, obstructing government operations.

Nov. 6

-Jeremy Wade Doss, 46, driving while license suspended, switched tag.

Nov. 12

-Charles Wayne Vickery, 49, disorderly conduct.

Nov. 13

-William Matthew Lawson, 33, harassment or harassing communications.

-Jarifa Fitzgerald Carter, 53, criminal trespass third degree.

Nov. 14

-James William Moore, 30, failure or refusal to display insurance, theft of property fourth degree.

Nov. 15

-Preston Jerome Horton, 30, giving false identification to law enforcement officer.

-Nicolas Everett Buie, 35, alias writ of arrest.

Nov. 20

-Robert Preston Cox, 59, receiving stolen property.

-Quentin Lowell Smiley, 48, failure to appear (four counts)-operating vehicle with expired tag, failure to appear-failure to register vehicle, failure to appear (five counts)-failure or refusal to display insurance.

Nov. 21

-Tristan Isaiah Robinson, 27, theft of property fourth degree.

-Rachael Louise Winters, 37, possession of drug paraphernalia.

-Thomas Mark Lake, 53, operating vehicle with expired tag, operating vehicle without insurance.

-Maranda Lynn Truex, 45, failure to appear-expired tag.

Nov. 22

-Richard Shane Higgins, 27, failure to appear-no license.

Nov. 23

-Jesus M. Gonzalez, 55, alias writ of arrest (two counts).

Nov. 27

-Richard Zachary Lodge, 27, switched tag, driver’s license not in possession.



Nov. 26

-Jacoby Rafael Kelley, 23, alias writ of arrest.

Nov. 27

-Brandy Christine Strong, 42, probation violation.

-Fernando Lopez Perez, 34, DUI-alcohol.

Dec. 1

-Devin Ray Thacker, 30, bail jumping second degree.

Dec. 2

-David Michael Baughman, 31, bail jumping second degree.

Dec. 3

-Lindsay Nicole Walker, 38, bail jumping second degree.

Dec. 4

-Carnita Evette Williams, 39, bail jumping second degree.



Nov. 28

-Bradley Neal Swafford, dangerous drugs-PDP drug paraphernalia and dangerous drugs-POM 2 possession of marijuana.

Dec. 2

-Kenneth Howard Pickett, 47, of Montevallo, dangerous drugs-PDP drug paraphernalia.

Dec. 3

-Ricky Douglas Bradley, 68, of Montevallo, traffic-driving under the influence (alcohol).



Nov. 24

-Jona McKenzie, 29, of Montevallo, public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Nov. 25

-Jonathan Irby, 32, of Birmingham, alias warrant.

Nov. 26

-Thomas Noah, 24, of Birmingham, alias warrant.

-Phillip Blakney, 57, of Birmingham, foreign misdemeanor arrest.

-Cameron Taylor, 20, of Birmingham, alias warrant.

-Robert Burton, 51, of Brookside, alias warrants.

Nov. 27

-John Townsend, 53, of Birmingham, alias warrant.

-Joshua Higbee, 29, of Birmingham, alias warrant.

-Joseph Carlton, 44, of Birmingham, alias warrants.

-Jessica Griffin, 37, of Clanton, alias warrants.

-Anthony Lett, 26, of Alabaster, driving while suspended.

Nov. 28

-Roberto Moreno Flores, 29, of Pelham, unlawful possession of marijuana 2nd degree.

-Walter Spencer, 48, of Birmingham, domestic violence 3rd degree.

-Cesar Macedonio-Eulogio, 20, of Alabama, minor in possession of alcohol.

Nov. 29

-Emilo Flores, 39, of Pelham, DUI-0.08 BAC or greater.

Nov. 30

-Chad Franks, 48, of Alabaster, DUI-influence of alcohol.

-John Stephens, 31, of Pelham, failure to appear/comply/pay.