Montevallo, Vincent students receive Character in Action awards

Published 10:13 am Friday, December 20, 2019


ALABASTER – Six students from Montevallo and Vincent area schools were recognized for their good character at this month’s Character in Action awards presentation at Family Connection.

The rotating monthly award honors students who not only excel academically, but display traits such as kindness, honesty and respect to their classmates and teachers. The award also honors the students’ parents and caregivers who play important roles in their young lives.

The Character in Action award program is a joint partnership among local school systems, the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office, Juvenile Court Judge Jim Kramer, the Children’s Policy Council and, most recently, American Legion Post 555 in Pelham.

The students honored on Wednesday, Dec. 18, were Amanda Campbell from Vincent Elementary School, Dayday Norwood from Vincent Middle High School, Zach Smith from Vincent Middle High School, Estrella Robinson from Montevallo Elementary School, Emilyano Hernandez-Maldonado from Montevallo Middle School and McCaya Jones from Montevallo High School.

Anna Kate Prum, social worker with Shelby County Schools, read notes submitted by the schools about each student as they accepted their awards. The following are excerpts from the notes:

  • Amanda Campbell: “Amanda is a child who chooses to seek to understand and love her classmates, teachers and family members. In the classroom, she loves to participate in class discussion; however, she never shouts out or talks out of turn. Amanda does a fabulous job of controlling her emotions and actions. She tries tasks independently before seeking help if needed and is intrinsically motivated to show her best work on everything that she does.”
  • Dayday Norwood: “Dayday has been observed on a regular basis treating all people who enter our building with respect. He is welcoming and friendly to all and always can be counted on to address adults as ma’am or sir. You can tell he has significant home training, and his mom can be proud in knowing that Dayday always represents his family well. Dayday has shown that he has the ability to manage several obligations while maintaining good grades.”
  • Zach Smith: “Zach, for all intents and purposes, should be a staff member at VMHS. As our only office aide, he can always be counted on to act in a professional and responsible manner. He is self-motivated and efficient, and he is immersed in all aspects of our school. Staff members have come to count on Zach for many responsibilities ranging from running the office when necessary to coordinating after school activities.” 
  • Estrella Robinson: “Estrella is very respectful of her classmates and is willing to assist them whenever needed. She helped a small group of her peers with a math assignment. One of the students commented that she would make a good teacher. After she finishes her lunch, Estrella goes to where the teachers are seated and disposes of their lunch trays and any trash they might have.”
  • Emilyano Hernandez-Maldonado: “Emilyano is always respectful with his peers and teachers and has great manners. He is just an overall great student. Even when Emilyano is going through challenges, he has never acted angry or rude toward anyone else. When collaborating in groups, he will redirect his peers kindly if they become off task, and he stays focused on the task at hand.”
  • McCaya Jones: “McCaya is always respectful to peers and teachers. She treats others as she would want to be treated. McCaya displays superb control over her emotions and actions. She works hard in class and on the athletic fields and courts. She is self-motivated and strives to excel in all areas. She maintains good grades while participating in several extracurricular activities. She is honest and accountable for her own behavior.”