SCHS students practice real-life financial scenarios at Keeping It Real

Published 3:40 pm Friday, January 17, 2020


COLUMBIANA – With pencils and balance sheets in hand, ninth graders at Shelby County High School on Jan. 17 practiced handling different financial scenarios that come with adulthood in The Shelby County Chamber’s Keeping It Real program.

At the Insurance table, students added insurance expenses to their budget. At the Groceries table, they figured out how much trips to the grocery store would cost. They picked up more pretend expenses at Housing, Transportation, Utilities, Second Job, Clothing, That’s Life and Childcare stations.

“I didn’t realize my parents paid so much for all of these things,” student Abril Polo said.

Student Maya Garrett said the experience also made her realize how costly things like insurance can be, and added, “That’s really expensive.”

Chamber volunteer Deb Sabol, who was manning the Childcare table, was excited to be a part of the educational event.

“I’m impressed with the students,” she said. “They are very thoughtful and smart. They get it.”

The Shelby County Chamber is seeking more volunteers to help with the next Keeping It Real program, which will be held at Thompson High School on Friday, Jan. 24.

To sign up as a volunteer, email Community and Career Development Director Pari Barzegari at, or call (205) 663-4542, ext. 106.