EHES students complete 100th Day of School activities

Published 4:57 pm Friday, January 24, 2020


COLUMBIANA – One hundred M&M candies rested on top of a pan of brownies Elvin Hill Elementary School kindergarten teacher Helen Gibson’s students helped her make on Friday, Jan. 24.

Aside from adding extra sweetness to the brownies, the 100 candies tied in with the special 100th Day of School activities Gibson and other teachers at EHES had planned for students.

In Shanna Butterfield’s kindergarten class, students practiced their math skills as they colored paper crowns and counted 100 things, such as crayons, seashells and buttons.

Kara King’s kindergarteners completed a “100 Licks for 100 Days” challenge with Tootsie Pops and used plastic cups and the classroom rug as a 10 frame to practice counting to 100 in groups of 10.

Samantha Foster’s students tested how high they could count in 100 seconds.

Sonia Cardwell’s students made 100th day necklaces, each with 100 Fruit Loops.

Multiple classes participated in a 100-book reading challenge.

In Ashley Cole’s first-grade class, Paxley Hanner and Skyeler Morrow said they enjoyed the coloring activity.

Jennifer Long’s second graders completed a “100 Day Transformation” activity in which they arranged the three digits in 100 to make different objects, including a train, a snowman and a caterpillar.