Thank you Pelham PD and all law enforcement for a job well done

Published 12:07 pm Monday, February 3, 2020


When a local teen went missing this past week, there was angst among the community to not only find her but hope for her safe return. All too often we hear the worst possible news after the disappearance of someone, but this time, there was a happy ending and it’s because of the tireless efforts of several law enforcement agencies.

Two days after being reported missing, the teen was found in the Huntsville area and the man she was with arrested and charged with felonies.

Prayers poured in over the agonizing two days that she was missing hoping she was found safe.

And thanks to the help of the FBI, Madison County Sheriff’s Office, Pelham Police Department and Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, she made her safe return home on Thursday, Jan. 23.

“This case came to a happy ending, which some cases do not, but we’re thrilled this one ended the way it did,” Pelham Police Chief Pat Cheatwood said on Friday, Jan. 24.

After going missing on Tuesday, the Pelham Police Department was quick to get out an update with a description so people could be on the lookout for her, and then continued to update throughout the search.

They were very proactive in making sure the public and media had the most up to date information, and in this case, that could have been the difference in life and death.

“I want to commend the chief and the men and women of the Pelham Police Department,” Madison County Chief Deputy Stacy Bates said. “I hope this community is grateful and thankful for what they have because I know they put in a lot of hours and a lot of work not just to get a victim back safe, but get them back as quick as they did. As the chief said, this is a prime example of partnerships and how they extend outside of your local agencies. This wasn’t just a city and a county thing. For us to get involved in Madison County it was no questions asked. Anytime someone picks up the phone or reaches out to us, we’re going to help.”

After PPD released footage of a black SUV that the missing teen was last seen entering, Pelham and other law enforcement agencies were quick to track down the vehicle.

That led to the Madison County Sheriff’s office entering the picture, where they located the alleged individual responsible for her disappearance.

Because of the collaborative effort of so many law enforcement agencies, not only was the person responsible caught, but a young girl will get to hug her mom again.

Thank you Pelham Police Department and all law enforcement agencies involved in a job well done.