We’ll all get through this together, just be smart

Published 12:53 pm Tuesday, March 24, 2020

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Right now, this country and world is in a position some of us have never faced. As a newspaper staff, the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is one of the most unique stories we have ever covered, and like you, we are in uncharted territory handling an issue for the first time.

But we’re here to tell you that we’re all going to get through this together, as long as we are smart and heed the advice of health officials.

Currently, all schools are closed until at least April 6, sports are shut down, restaurants along with breweries and bars can’t serve in their facilities, people are working from home and businesses are shutting their doors.

Why? To halt the spread of COVID-19, which is contagious. There is currently no way of stopping other than keeping your distance.

Driving around the county, we’re sure you have seen as have we, people still carrying on at local parks and stores. While going to a park for exercise or going to the grocery to pick up your needed items is something many of us are going to do, it’s something that has to be done with some common sense.

Health officials as well as country, state and local officials have all taken necessary precautions to keep us safe and eliminate the spread of the virus, but it takes the people following those regulations to actually wipe it away.

Don’t use this time to get together to hang out with your friends, and parents, please don’t use this time for playdates, whether in the home or at a local park.

This is a time to keep your distance to help us all stay healthy and safe, and to help this virus pass as quickly as possible so businesses and the economy can recover.

As long as COVID-19 is around, businesses are closed, kids aren’t able to live their lives, families aren’t able to visit, vacations aren’t happening and life isn’t going on as usual.

Do your part in staying away from people, wash your hands and if you present any symptoms of being sick at all, stay in your home. Let’s all do our part to help this county, this state, this country and the world recover. We’re all in this together.