Grace Community School selling snow cones to pay staff

Published 7:49 am Monday, March 30, 2020

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By NATHAN HOWELL | Special to the Reporter

PELHAM – During the COVID-19 outbreak many businesses have no income to pay for staff and expenses, the Grace Community School and Daycare is combating this problem by selling snow cones.

“We were mandated to close last Wednesday,” Kristy Wells said.  “We are not charging the parents of the children who are enrolled at the school. So that means we have no income to pay our teachers and cover expenses.”

Wells said she and her husband Nate Wells, owners of Grace Community School, were trying to think of ways to generate income while they were mandated to be closed.

“Our kitchen is ServSafe certified so we thought we could do something with that,” she said. “My husband and I came up with the idea of snow cones.”

They began advertising that they were selling cones on March 26 and Wells said that they already had a lot of customers. They plan to offer several more opportunities for people interested to come and support the school.

The price for a snow cone is $2.50 for one and $3 for a cone with cream added. Wells also expressed that the school was accepting donations which are tax deductible as the school is registered as a non-profit organization.

Grace Community School is a faith based school and daycare that teaches children subjects such as reading, language and math. The school also teaches biblical lessons and provides a faith based approach to instructing children in obedience, etiquette and ministry.

For more information about the snow cone fundraiser and other ways to support the Grace Community School and Daycare you can visit