Neighborhoods united: Residents spread positivity, hope through fun activities

Published 5:02 pm Wednesday, April 1, 2020

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ALABASTER – During a time when family members and friends have gone weeks without seeing each other, several Alabaster neighborhoods have united to spread messages hope and positivity to those around them.

Multiple neighborhoods have collaborated through social media to organize fun activities for kids to participate in and to help keep spirits high. For Julie Langston, a Lacey’s Grove resident, it’s all about helping to keep people motivated, active and positive.

So far, the neighborhood has taken part in three activities – a teddy bear hunt, chalk your walk and heart your neighborhood, the latter of which is ongoing. Langston and some of her neighbors took the initiative to spread the word about the activities and the response was great.

For the bear hunt, residents were asked to place teddy bears in windows and on porches for children to spot or count during walks through the neighborhood. Residents also chalked their driveways and sidewalks with positive messages and placed hearts on their windows or in their yards.

The Apache Ridge neighborhood also participated in a teddy bear hunt, said resident and Alabaster City Councilwoman Stacy Rakestraw.

“It’s a fun activity for kids to do with their parents during the day,” Rakestraw said. “It’s something for people to look forward to during uncertain times.”

Rakestraw posted the idea in the neighborhood’s Facebook group and she said it probably received more feedback than anything else that’s ever been shared. Residents have been attaching teddy bears to the columns on their houses and on their vehicles.

“It just gives you a way to connect with others,” Langston said. “It’s really been great.”

Langston said she and others also offered to chalk the driveways of elderly neighbors and those who couldn’t do it themselves.

The teddy bear hunt has spread to other neighborhoods such as Shelby Farms, Lake Forest, Kentwood, Wynlake and more.

“Neighborhoods all over the city are doing it,” Rakestraw said.