‘Heroes Work Here’: Showing appreciation for health care workers

Published 8:04 am Wednesday, April 8, 2020

By NATHAN HOWELL | Special to the Reporter

Kindred at Home, a home healthcare services provider, set out on a mission to highlight the important work being performed by putting out signs at doctor’s offices and other healthcare services letting people know that “Heroes Work Here.”

Wendy Chappell, a registered nurse and Kindred marketer, said that the company thought it was important to not only let the public know the important work being done at these places, but to give the employees an actual sign of appreciation every day when they come into work.

“We’re doing this to let everyone know that doctors and nurses are heroes, but so are the custodians in the facilities and the lab techs in the doctor’s offices,” explained Chappell. “A lot of the time on the news you hear only about the doctors and nurses, but there are a lot more people working in these places.”

There is a unique relationship between medical services and home care, because there is a transition between the two. This special relationship is one of the main reasons Kindred decided to pursue this project.

“We care for their patients when they leave doctor’s offices, hospitals and rehabs,” she said. “They are on the front lines and we all work together, we depend on them and they depend on us.”

A resident of Wilsonville, Chappell has traveled all across Shelby County and beyond to help Kindred place signs and show their appreciation.

Since last week more than 40 of the “Heroes Work Here” signs have been placed at doctor’s offices and other healthcare provider locations, including Shelby, Talladega, St. Clair and Jefferson counties. Kindred plans to soon place more signs soon and will place some at fire stations.

“When they drive into work, the employees will see the signs and know that their work is appreciated,” Chappell said.

In addition to helping local healthcare employees feel special, Chappell said Kindred at Home is ready to help relieve the stress on local hospitals by being equipped to manage care at home if necessary.