Local company producing devices that can screen for COVID-19 symptom

Published 3:15 pm Friday, April 10, 2020


NORTH SHELBY – North Shelby County-based company Viper Imaging is producing elevated body temperature devices that can help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The devices use thermal imaging cameras to identify EBT, which could be indicative of a fever, which is a symptom of a viral infection.

“While these are not medical devices and do not replace conventional medical testing, they can be used to give an early indication when evaluating a large population,” read information released by Viper Imaging.

One such use could include a business or other institution screening employees as they enter the workplace to try to avoid someone suffering from the illness from entering and spreading it to others.

Thermal imaging cameras depend on variables to ensure the most accurate temperature measurement, including focus, distance to target, camera resolution and speed of the measurement.

“Because of these factors, Viper highly recommends implementing automated systems which remove some of the variables found in the use of handhelds for this application,” read information released by Viper Imaging. “Further, a reference emitter can be used to further enhance the temperature reading, thus ensuring a more accurate temperature measurement.”

Viper Imaging is continuing to meet customer needs and fulfill orders, while following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control on preventative practices.

Viper Imaging excels at the design and implementation of systems for temperature abnormalities in industrial processes, such as ladles of molten steel or transformer monitoring.

That same technology and software is being used to produce devices that can detect elevated body temperature.

“In light of recent events surrounding the pandemic status of the coronavirus, we wanted to let you know how Viper is responding,” read a statement from Viper co-founders Andy Beck and Rich Shannon. “The disruptions in our communities with school and business closings and cancelled events are impacting ‘business as usual’ for many organizations.

“Due to the impact of COVID-19, and in line with our mission of helping promote safety and saving lives, Viper is dedicating much of our resources to providing systems and solutions to this outbreak by supplying EBT for coronavirus symptom detection.”

Viper customers for these orders can expect the fastest available shipping of any FLIR Systems products worldwide.

Customers for industrial process monitoring systems can expect typical or slightly extended order fulfillment during this time.

For more information, call Viper at (205) 677-3700 or visit ViperImaging.com.