Helena 5-year old raises money with lemonade stand

Published 2:16 pm Wednesday, April 29, 2020

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By NATHAN HOWELL | Special to the Reporter 

HELENA – Like most people at this time Annabel Handley was developing a little bit of cabin fever from staying home for so long, when she got the idea of giving away and then eventually selling lemonade to help out people during a time of need.

She, and her father Will Handley, eventually devised a plan to give away lemonade to runners on the Hillsboro trail just to lighten peoples moods. However, the endeavor presented a variety of logistical issues which led the two to rethink their plan.

“We saw a lot of people doing different things to raise money to help with COVID-19 relief, and we had heard about Kylie Anderson who has been giving away supplies to those in need,” Will Handley explained. “I thought her actions made her a great role model for my daughter and I decided that we could do something to help her out.”

Handley stands with Kylie Anderson, who she was raising money for to help Anderson continue supplying the community. (Contributed)

The pair ended up setting up their lemonade stand in their neighborhood, and just started selling cups. Word had gotten out on Facebook, and before they knew it more than 50 people came to visit them safely over the two day period that they were set up selling lemonade.

“I think the real story here is how the community came out to show support,” Handley said. “We ended up selling more than two-thirds of the lemonade that we made, but even more than that we had people come up just to donate money and not even buy lemonade.”

Through donations and lemonade purchases Annabel and Will ended up making over $150 in cash, which they donated in person to Kylie Anderson to help her with her donations.

“As a parent I really want Annabel to have the quality of being charitable with the community,” Handley said. “Through this project, she got to see charity happening around her, she saw the generosity of the community and how they came together, and I just think it was a really great lesson for her.”