Helena teacher wins Alexander Shunnarah award

Published 2:34 pm Wednesday, May 6, 2020

By NATHAN HOWELL | Special to the Reporter 

HELENA— Helena High School teacher Anita Lewis was recently awarded the title of Alexander Shunnarah’s Teacher of the Month for her contribution to the education system.

The award is given monthly to teachers who are nominated by their students and coworkers for their dedication to teaching and having a great impact in their students lives.

Lewis was selected by a panel including Shunnarah and some of his associates, she received many submissions all lauding her effort and caring nature as a teacher.

“The reason we picked Anita was because of the incredible submissions from her students,” said Shunnarah. “They said that she’s like a mom to them, in that she can tell when you are having a bad day and she cares.”

Lewis is a history teacher at HHS, and according to submissions from her students she makes the class engaging and fun.

“I always liked history, because it seems to repeat itself,” Shunnarah said. “I think it takes a special type of teacher to make history fun.”

As a prize for winning the award Lewis’s picture will be featured on one of Shunnarah’s digital billboards for a day, and will also receive a Visa gift card as a prize.

The prize was started last year, when Shunnarah wanted to find a way to honor teachers because of the impact his teachers had on him, and the work they are doing to prepare students to be the leaders of the future.

“You spend just as much time with your teachers as you do your parents when you’re in school,” he said. “They help you move forward and see life from a different perspective.”