Congrats to the Class of 2020

Published 8:10 pm Tuesday, May 26, 2020

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Have we ever been so surprised when something happened exactly when it was supposed to?

That’s exactly the feeling many of us had during the week of May 18, as Pelham, Spain Park and Thompson all held in-person commencement ceremonies to celebrate the class of 2020.

For a while, it looked like that wouldn’t be possible due to COVID-19.

As the state saw thousands of cases of the novel coronavirus and deaths have since topped the 500 mark, the last two months have been bleak for everyone from businesses to schools.

But during each of these graduation ceremonies, we had a moment of normality, a moment of celebration and a moment to forget about all of the troubles that have hit this country over the last two-and-a-half months.

For a brief moment, students, faculty, family and friends got to revel in excitement instead of worry. hey got to smile instead of frown. They got to see their peers in person instead of through a computer. And most importantly, they got to celebrate their achievements instead of have them forgotten.

For that, we say congratulations Class of 2020. We are proud of you and happy for you that you got the moment that the rest of us graduates have in the past.

We also thank local administrators and officials for making it possible.

In a time where plans were changing every day when it came to graduation, many trying to plan them didn’t know the outlook, while most graduating didn’t expect they would have any sort of celebration any time soon.

After school was shut down for the school year on March 13 for all schools in Shelby County, the next two months brought uncertainty for everyone.

But through it all, administrators were planning their next moves. Whether it be for graduation ceremonies or for the reopening of schools, they were working tirelessly to make the right decisions.

And with in-person graduations, they nailed it.

Some were worried about the precautions and whether or not it was safe, but each graduation had thorough planning and safety measures in place to help keep each person at a distance, while graduates were required to wear masks.

It was a job well done, and while it wasn’t normal, it’s something this year’s senior class will be forever thankful for.

While most seniors were robbed of their final days, including proms, awards days, sports and creating memories with their friends, they weren’t deprived of the most special day for any senior—graduation.