Bailey looking to make a new home away from home

Published 1:29 am Thursday, June 4, 2020

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Coosa Valley Academy senior Skylar Bailey will miss feeling at home at her school.

“I have attended CVA since I was 5,” Bailey said. “I grew up in that place, and it has always been my home away from home. I’ve created bonds with other students and teachers that I see lasting for years after graduation. I am going to miss walking through the halls and seeing my family. It will be the biggest change of my life.”

Bailey has loved participating in art shows since being in middle school.


“Up until my senior year, I had a few pieces place in the school show each year,” Bailey said. “In my junior year I had a piece place first at the district show. In ninth grade, I participated in a writing contest for high school students in central Alabama and placed first, which was so cool.”

Bailey was also awarded highest class average her sophomore and junior year, and was the second highest average her freshman year.

Bailey said her favorite subject is English, which she credits to her English teacher helping to make it a favorite subject.

“To me, the teacher really makes or breaks the subject,” Bailey said. “I have been lucky enough to have an awesome English teacher for every year of high school, making it my favorite subject. I love to write, and English class allowed me to explore new styles of writing and dive into new ideas without hesitation.”

When senior year was cut short, Bailey said she really struggled.

“Losing the remainder of my senior year was very upsetting,” Bailey said. “The people I have grown up with are suddenly gone, and I am wondering what final experiences I may have lost due to all of this. I am, however, very grateful that I was able to attend my senior prom. I know many kids didn’t, and it was the last time I was with all my classmates. I am very happy that I had that time with them before graduation.”

Bailey said she will never forget all the mornings she spent with other students before their first class started.

“Some mornings we would meet up early and huddle up in a car to blare music,” Bailey said. “Other times we would rush into our homeroom and jump onto homework together. Birthdays were the best, as I got to spend time before school decorating lockers and cars for a fun surprise for my friends. Those moments were so quiet and seemed ordinary, but created genuine memories that bring me comfort and happiness.”

Bailey said her math teacher Nancy Ingram’s iconic words of wisdom in AP calculus to “get on the struggle bus,” will also be a memory she will take with her after high school.

“She warns all of her students about the potential difficulty of the class,” Bailey said. “She’s honest about what challenges you’ll face as a student, and always does her best to guide you through the challenge and help you learn all that you can.”

Bailey said she plans to attend the University of Montevallo in the fall. She is still undecided on her major, but is leaning toward art or education.

Bailey is the granddaughter of Djuana and Jeff Myers.