‘Attitude about life is an active choice that we make’

Published 6:10 pm Friday, June 5, 2020

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Shelby County High School senior Ashley Wilson loved the time surrounding homecoming week at her school.

“I loved the competitive, but all-fun-and-games atmosphere during that time each year,” Wilson said. “The time that I spent outside of school hours decorating for the floats and pep rallies all while hanging out with my friends remains precious to me.”

Another favorite memory for Wilson was during the time speaker Timothy Alexander visited the school and told the students about the difficulties and obstacles that he faces in his life.

“He chooses to remain optimistic through his journey,” Wilson said. “I believe that our attitude about life is an active choice that we make, and Mr. Alexander was an inspiration to all of us that day, and for me, continues to be.”

Wilson earned the salutatorian position for her graduating class, she was a member of the National Honor Society, and she received acceptance into the Early Assurance Program at McWhorter School of Pharmacy.

Wilson said she enjoys both calculus and chemistry because she likes science, but chemistry intrigues her the most.

“The concepts of chemistry are much more hands-on and fascinating to learn about,” Wilson said. “I aspire to become a pharmacist one day, so chemistry is definitely going to make up a large portion of my career.”

Wilson said one of the toughest parts of her senior year ending sooner than anticipated due to the Covid-19 outbreak, was having her last day of high school and not even realizing it was the last day.

“Many of our typical senior traditions were postponed and everyone is unsure about what is to come next,” Wilson said. “However, I am remaining positive about the situation in hopes that something beneficial comes out of our circumstances. On the bright side, having a lot of extra time at home with minimal assigned school work has allowed me to focus on studying and reviewing for my AP exams very extensively. I am also practicing a new hobby for myself of playing the guitar.”

A favorite memory for Wilson she will carry with her after leaving SCHS involved her 10th grade math teacher, Mrs. Wheeler.

“She was such a kind hearted individual who was taken from us all too early and unexpectedly,” Wilson said. “Though I spent only a few months as one of her many students, I quickly realized that she was the epiphany of such a sweet soul who would do absolutely anything to help one of her students at any given moment. The time I spent in her presence is a time that I will definitely tell my children about.”

Wilson said other teachers and administrators provided her with an abundance of opportunities to reach her full potential.

“The amount of advice received from these individuals is immeasurable,” Wilson said. “I have had multiple teachers who have taught me for a total of three or four years straight, like Dr. (Jennifer) Moore and Mr. (Mike) Kantaris, so these teachers have had a remarkable impact on who I have become today.”

After graduating, Wilson said she plans to attend Samford University and earn her doctorate of pharmacy degree at McWhorter School of Pharmacy where she will hopefully manage her own pharmacy one day.

Wilson is the daughter of Crystal and Toby Wilson. She is the sister of Austin Wilson.