It’s nice to see camaraderie

Published 1:14 pm Wednesday, June 24, 2020

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The longer we live in Shelby County, the less amazed we should feel for the strong sense of community and comradery that the 200,000-plus residents show on a daily basis.

But yet again, here we stand surprised.

Over the last several weeks, the country has been at a crossroads due to the death of George Floyd and what followed with protests and change.

While many have been at one another’s throats during this span, the people of Shelby County have shown a different approach. And while it’s not just the county and while some of the county isn’t taking that approach, the majority have shown what can happen when we come together in unity.

Locally, the last two weeks have seen more than protests, they’ve seen peaceful conversations, prayer vigils and will soon see a Juneteenth Festival.

The most notable events have taken place in Alabaster, Helena and Montevallo, but several others have been sprinkled around the county.

In a time where we may not all agree with each other, no matter our race, coming together to have those peaceful moments in prayer and to share conversations can pay dividends.

In Alabaster, there was ‘Come together’ prayer event held at Larry Simmons Stadium. In Helena, there was a community ‘Prayer vigil’ held at the city’s sports complex that turned from an eight-minute prayer into an hour-long conversation. And in Montevallo, there have been a couple of community conversations where different residents of all backgrounds have come together to have uncomfortable but needed conversations.

It’s that kind of unity and willingness that makes Shelby County a special place to be.