Galleria undergoing major safety upgrades

Published 10:30 am Friday, July 17, 2020


HOOVER – Two weeks after a shooting at the Riverchase Galleria claimed the life of an 8-year-old boy and injured three other bystanders, safety measures at the shopping mall are undergoing major upgrades.

The city of Hoover and Brookfield Properties, the Galleria’s owner, are partnering to implement the measures, which include increasing police presence and adding more security features to the parking decks.

“This plan focuses on many aspects of mall operations,” Hoover Mayor Frank Brocato wrote in a statement July 17. “There are several measures that we have already implemented, and others that are being added as soon as possible.”

Actions already taken to improve safety include the following:

  • Hoover Police Department has increased the number of officers assigned to routine patrol inside the mall and has expanded the hours of these police patrols.
  • Hoover Police Department has reactivated the substation at the Riverchase Galleria and has based a patrol group there. This will increase police presence around the entire mall property.
  • Brookfield Properties has added specially trained gun-detection canines that are non-intrusive and do not detract from the shopping experience.
  • Brookfield Properties has invested in new equipment to improve instant communications between their security staff and Hoover Police Department.
  • Months ago, Brookfield Properties upgraded the camera system in the mall’s common areas.
  • Brookfield Properties has added more security patrols in the parking decks.

Additional measures underway include the following:

  • The city of Hoover and Brookfield Properties are jointly exploring advanced preventive technology that provides pinpoint security at large facilities.
  • Additional security features are being added to the parking decks to enhance the safety of mall shoppers and those who work in or visit the office tower.
  • The city of Hoover is exploring additional ways to increase permanent police presence at the mall.
  • The city of Hoover is working to fill all vacancies within Hoover Police Department.

“People expect to come to the Galleria and have a safe, fun family experience, and we will provide that type of environment,” Brocato said. “Riverchase Galleria is a critical part of our local economy. In partnership with Brookfield Properties, we are making the Galleria a safe place to shop and enjoy time with family and friends.”