Stop the arguing, wear the mask

Published 10:22 pm Monday, July 20, 2020


It’s getting old. Every time we log in to social media or read comments on any news story, there’s an argument about wearing masks. It hits you in the face like a ton of bricks.

No matter what side of the argument you lie on, it’s become stale at this point.

Some believe the virus isn’t that big of a threat or that wearing being asked to wear a mask goes against their rights of freedom. Others believe that if you’re not wearing a mask, you mine as well be spreading the virus and killing people.

Both are extreme.

But out of it all, only one simple task makes since—just wear a mask.

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey agrees with that sentiment after making a mandate for all residents in the state to wear one during a press conference on Wednesday, July 15, effective until July 31.

Now, it’s something we all must do and something and hold ourselves accountable in doing so.

It’s not the most enjoyable, fun or convenient aspect of your day, and most of us may be wearing it without the threat of spreading the disease, but simply put, it’s the right thing to do for a short period of time.

Nobody is asking you to wear a mask in your house, wear a mask in the car, wear a mask while on a jog or wear a mask while enjoying 90 percent of what you do in life.

But when you decide to make your weekly run to the grocery store or take the risk of going shopping or putting yourself in a crowded situation, it’s not that hard to slip a mask over your nose and mouth.

There’s probably not a single person that enjoys putting one on and many of us probably haven’t done it at some point or another during this outbreak because we thought it wouldn’t be a big deal.

But there’s also no valid argument against it unless your health prevents, in which case you probably should be staying home right now anyways, or you’re a younger child that may have trouble when wearing one.

Saying the government is trying to control you and nobody can tell you what to do is not a valid reason for not wearing a mask. If you’re that pigheaded, you probably shouldn’t be out in public anyway.

There are people boycotting stores and swearing never to shop somewhere again because they are requiring a mask for entrance. What sense does that make?

If there is truly a reason your shopping experience is going to be so miserable because of a mask being on for 30 minutes other than your pride being hurt because you are having to follow a rule —something you’ve had to do since you were born—then shout it to the world, we’re all ears.

Regardless of your view, whether you think the virus is fake and you won’t be impacted by it or you think it’s real and you’re seriously worried about it, just do the simple task of wearing the mask on the limited occasions you’d need to. Why? Because it’s not about protecting yourself, it’s about protecting others and doing what’s right.