Helena baseball seniors celebrated at dinner

Published 1:32 pm Friday, August 7, 2020

By JEREMY RAINES | Special to the Reporter

HELENA – As we quickly approach and prepare for a new school year, 2020 seems to get more confusing each day. Through it all, sports and teammates seem to be the solution that usually subdue many of the world’s problems.

For the families of the senior baseball players at Helena High School, they wanted to provide one last opportunity for the Huskies’ senior class to come together and properly close a special chapter in their lives.

That opportunity came on Wednesday, Aug. 3, when the players’ families rallied together to host a special dinner event in Old Town at the Bywater Oyster Bar & Grill.

Those in attendance included the senior players, families of the players and the HHS baseball coaching staff.

“I think you guys know this, but we care more about you than we care about winning baseball games,” said Helena head coach P.J. Guy during the banquet. “One thing I realized during this time is that it’s not the game, it’s not the baseball, it’s the kids. I’m just lucky I get to coach these kids.”

During a strange and unprecedented time during the 2020 spring sports season, games were canceled, collegiate commitment signings were a no-go, memories were never made and events such as baseball banquets were wishful thinking.

Helena was just gearing up to start region play this past season when gameplay was cut short after their battle with the Thompson Warriors in March.

Guy reiterated how proud he was of this group of seniors for their resilience to bounce back from the challenges they went through during their senior year to be where they are now.

In addition to the dinner, seniors presented Guy with a signed photo of their team huddled in a circle from their last game as a team.

Baseball is more than a game. Bonds are formed, trust is tested, and life-lessons are taught. For these kids, some will never suit up again, while some will move on to form friendships with new teammates; however, they will never forget the memories they shared with their high school team or their coaches.

Guy replicated the message presented during the 2020 HHS graduation ceremony, as he urged both the players and their families to visit often to support the next group of seniors.