Foundation kicks off campaign supporting Hoover schools

Published 3:05 pm Thursday, August 27, 2020


HOOVER – The Hoover City Schools Foundation has kicked off its annual Commit to 36 Campaign for the 2020-2021 school year.

With nearly 14,000 students in the Hoover City School system, the goal is to raise $36 per student, or $1 per week of school.

That commitment could raise $500,000, an amount that can make a real difference in grant money for the system’s teachers.

Hoover residents have a unique opportunity to help the Foundation by participating in Commit to 36.

“The idea behind Commit to 36 is that if the Foundation received $36 from every family in the school system, that would provide half a million dollars into classrooms and supporting the district,” Board President Jason DeLuca said. “With the impact of in-person events due to COVID-19, this is a great way to continue to support the schools without attending an in-person fundraiser.”

“The Foundation is asking for community support from parents, business leaders and all Hoover City Schools stakeholders through Sept. 28,” Interim Executive Director Shelley Shaw said. “Together, by making a simple donation of $36, we can make a significant difference in the educational offerings for our students.”

Examples of previous grants include the STEM Skills for Science Data Project led by Janet Ort at Hoover High School.

This grant went on to help her team, the Bio Bucs, win a national environmental competition focused on carbon dioxide emissions.

Another system-wide grant, led by Geri Evans of Bluff Park Elementary, is the GEMS program, Girls Engaged in Math and Science, which is focused on increasing the number of females pursuing STEM fields.

“Commit to 36 continues to be a great way to raise grant funds to support all our schools, from elementary to high school,” Shaw said. “We have seen what a difference these funds have made to our teachers and our students and are proud to continue to support their efforts.”

New this year is the opportunity for Hoover City Schools parents to donate when paying student’s fees at

The Commit to 36 Campaign will continue through Sept. 28. Anyone may donate at