Keeping it in the family

Published 4:37 pm Wednesday, September 23, 2020

By FRANKIE OSBORN / Community Columnist

One of the founding businesses in the Westover area is Chappell Carpets, owned by Frank and Edwina Chappell.

Frank and Edwina Chappell opened Chappell Carpets in Chelsea 1972 and moved it to Westover in 1976. (Contributed)

They opened the flooring business in 1972 in Chelsea and then moved it to Westover in 1976. Many people do not know it, but the building where Chappell Carpets is located was previously the old Mt. Zion Baptist Church building.

Before moving the carpet business into this location, they were taking their three children to worship there.

When you enter the warehouse area, you can still see petitions that separated Sunday School rooms and bathrooms from the old church.

Little did they know many years back that they would have a son and daughter who are in business for themselves all in the same place and working together.

Lynal Chappell is the youngest child and owner of Chappell Development LLC.

He started out in the flooring business with his dad and gradually started the house building and development business.

He has been building for 22 years now and currently has six new homes under construction, one of which belongs to his older sister, Frankie Chappell Osborn.

Frankie is the owner and broker for Lucky Realty of Alabama LLC.

She has sold many properties for her brother, Lynal, and always refers anyone in need of flooring to her mom and dad and house building to her brother Lynal.

Her office was recently relocated from the Narrows area to Westover in the same building as her mom, dad and brother. This is a family that works together, prays together and sometimes plays together too.

Many changes have happened over the years, but God continues to bless this little piece of heaven and those who inhabit it.