Nomination of Barrett further cements Trump support in state

Published 8:28 pm Wednesday, October 7, 2020

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By PAUL DEMARCO / Guest Columnist 

Note: This is an opinion column.

It has been since 1976, when Alabama voters last selected a Democrat for president. While Alabama continued to vote for Democrats at the local level, the state’s electors have sent their votes to the Republican nominee for the past 10 presidential election cycles. Since 2004, the Republican nominee has won by over 20 percentage points.

In 2016, Donald Trump captured the Alabama vote by a 28-percent margin. There is no question Alabama voters will return to the polls again to support President Trump in his bid for re-election as well.

Alabama is a majority conservative state, but Trump has captured the enthusiasm of Alabama Republican voters like no candidate before. He is able to connect with the state’s men and women on the issues that matter to them. And in Alabama, faith and patriotism are held sacred by those who live in our state.

Yet, his nomination of conservative judges from top to bottom has also him earned loyalty from the Yellowhammer state.

Thus, President’s Trump pick of Judge Amy Coney Barrett is what Alabama wants to see in federal judges.

Judge Barrett is a daughter of the South, a woman of strong faith, a former law clerk of Justice Antonin Scalia and a strict constructionist who looks at the original intent of the United States Constitution. She will be President Trump’s third nomination to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court.

The confirmation of the Judge by the Senate will soon begin and Alabama voters will want her approved by the full Senate soon. Alabama Sen. Doug Jones’ pledge to oppose her nomination will further alienate him from the state’s voters.

As for Trump, elevating Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court further adds another feather in his cap for his support here in Alabama.

And it will be reflected at the polls during the Nov. 3 presidential election.

Paul DeMarco is a former member of the Alabama House of Representatives.