Who is responsible for the Helena pumpkins? Take your guess

Published 5:05 pm Tuesday, October 13, 2020

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By NATHAN HOWELL | Special to the Reporter

HELENA — If you have been around the city of Helena recently, you may have noticed that pumpkins have been popping up all over the place. No one is quite sure where they are coming from, but many citizens find them to be a welcome festive addition to the city.

There are two questions on everyone’s mind after spotting the decorated pumpkins around town: Who is doing this, and why?

The pumpkins slowly started popping up at different locations, and eventually some residents began to catch on, with the topic being a buzz on social media including the popular “What’s Happening in Helena” group on Facebook, where many residents discussed the sightings.

“This is a great way to continue the small town community feeling. My kids and I love playing “I spy” pointing out the pumpkins as we are driving through Helena,” Teressa Pattillo said.

“Somewhere someone had an idea to make others smile. I thank that person. I was inspired by that person to add more smiles by painting more. It’s fantastic. It has bought a community together through kindness. Thanks again original pumpkin fairy,” Julie Townley wrote.

Many Helena residents have taken it upon themselves to seek out as many pumpkins as they can possibly find throughout the city.

“My boys love them! My oldest wanted to go on a scavenger hunt to find them all yesterday. He took pictures of all the ones he found. Now he wants to make one and put it somewhere,” Amy Dorsey said.

It seems that the trend is spreading as residents are following in the footsteps of the anonymous so-called “pumpkin fairy.”

“The pumpkins have brought some cheer to our community for sure,” Marie Brunson said. “My kids wanted to contribute to this effort someone else started, so they worked together to carve a pumpkin and we delivered it to Old Town on Sunday night.”

While this trend has taken over Helena, the original pumpkin placers have yet to be identified. Many have speculated on who it might be, however the mysterious gourd benefactor remains at large.

“To my knowledge, it’s no one associated with the City of Helena, but I love the idea and want to thank whoever is responsible,” said Helena Councilwoman Laura Joseph.

Mayor-elect Brian Puckett said he was not sure who may have placed the pumpkins, but they are an example of why Helena is so great and “give people something to smile about and have turned into a family activity.”

City Council President Hewy Woodman said whoever that someone is “makes Helena magical.”

All of this buzz is leaving just one question in mind: Who placed the pumpkins?

Helena residents are invited to submit their best guesses on Facebook, and we will reveal the pumpkin pioneers next week.