“Knitwitnesses” gift library employees with masks

Published 2:44 pm Wednesday, November 4, 2020

By NATHAN HOWELL | Special to the Reporter

HELENA — As masks have become a necessity for daily life in the pandemic era, the demand for these has reached an all time high. A group from Helena United Methodist Church is doing their best to fulfill that need and recently gifted library employees with these precious items.

The group known as the “Knitwitnesses,” have spent the last few months sewing masks to help those in need. According to Dan Dearing, Jane B. Holmes Public Library director, they made a special visit there to spread their mission.

“The Jane B. Holmes Public Library in Helena was pleased to welcome a visit from Camille Maier of the Knitwitnesses,” Dearing said. “They are a group from Helena United Methodist Church that sews. They sew for different causes and events, but obviously, masks have become a big part of their focus in the past few months.”

The group’s efforts are not designed to draw publicity or notoriety, but to be good neighbors and help those in need, or those who they feel are under appreciated, which led them to presenting these gifts to library employees and others through the city.

Dearing said that this gift was an incredible surprise and that he and library employees were incredibly grateful for this gift.

“Wearing a mask each day is a challenge, and getting new ones was certainly a welcome surprise,” Dearing said. “Efforts have been made by The Public Libraries of Shelby County, The City of Helena, local residents, and many others to help keep library staff and the Public safe during this difficult time. We appreciate our partners and friends for their assistance.”